Female, Bye: Stacey Dash Threatens To Document Lawsuit Against Kanye West Over New Movie


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Stacey sprint claimed Kanye West and her cousin Damon sprint had been not legal to use her name or picture in their upcoming film, ‘Honor Up.’ She said she contacted her attorneys over the matter.
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Twitter went into an uproar on Thursday, Dec. 7 when the photograph of Stacey DashBecame visible on the poster of Damon sprint and Kanye Wests new movie, Honor Up.

Stacey’s Internalized Racism

While the actress switched profession lanes three years in the past and became a conservative information commentator for Fox information, she regularly made ludicrous remarks about the Black race that many determined offensive and merciless. When her picture appeared on the two hip-hop Moguls’ Movie advertisement, social media customers marvel why she signed up for this kind of role in view that she regularly discredits Black culture and the whole lot that comes from it.

Her Previous Career History

It’s far abnormal, given the fact that her profession highlights have been her running on suggests, movies, or track videos that had been geared closer to people of Color. Over the years, but, she has distanced herself from all matters Black, for this reason her tweet That she published on the challenge:

No. I’m no longer. Unwell let the legal professionals handle it, she Revealed To them. It seems that sprint shouldnt waste her time doing so because many Twitter customers mentioned the CluelessCelebrity is featured within the film’s trailer.

Therefore, sprint had to authorize her participation in filming the movie and being photographed for its promotional fabric.

Her Trap Queen Feature

Dashs actions and reaction do no longer come as a wonder, even though. That is the equal girl who claims Black history Month is outdated and not needed.

She additionally believes award indicates that solely apprehend Black musicians and their paintings promote segregation, that’s false. That’s because the latter turned into used by the Jim Crow law device, a creation of white supremacist values and has not anything to do with acknowledging the achievements of Black humans.

Honor Up will premiere in February 2018.

Watch Stacey on her lure queen waft in the trailer underneath.

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