‘Scorpion’ Season Three: ‘Civil Conflict Amongst The Group’, Ep Teases High-Stakes Most Desirable

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If you have a want for speed, look no further than Scorpion‘s season 3 premiere.

The hurricane will go back to CBS at six times the rate of sound, diving into the fall run with an emotionally laden -hour episode.

Picking up just moments after the events of the finale, “Civil battle” and “extra civil warfare” will see Walter retain his race to Lake Tahoe. The genius is hell-bent on confessing his feeling to Paige, but a mixture of personal and expert issues will speedy throw his plan into disarray.

“It is going beyond what his worst expectations should’ve been,” government producer Nick Wootton advised Entertainment Weekly.

Ouch. Bad Walter finally tapped into his emotions, and it feels like he is approximately to study his highbrow shell turned into a prime defense. He might not have long to stay on the problem, however, before the episode’s title turns into a double-edged sword (decide us in case you must, however we’re suckers for Scorpion‘s punny titles).

“there’s a hack of this navy electronic infrastructure, so there are [American] military centers attacking the united states towards their will from outdoor. So there is civil conflict,” Wootton told StarstrendsAt San Diego comic-Con. “Internally, because of Walter going up to Lake Tahoe and possibly getting stuck doing it, there may be a civil struggle among the team as nicely. It plays on both degrees.”

To save the usa from its own defenses, group Scorpion will hop on the arena’s fastest aircraft earlier than employing the offerings of the west coast’s biggest tin foil ball.

“in the first two episodes, we’re going to Bulgaria in a Valkyrie. I don’t know if i’m clearly allowed to all it a Valkyrie, however it’s a Mach 6 aircraft, that is phenomenally cool,” Wooton teased. “we’re doing that, which is cutting-edge warfare, and we are the use of a catapult as nicely…we’re firing los angeles’ biggest aluminum ball at a battleship.”

Did that pique your hobby? take a look at out the whole episode summary beneath!

“crew Scorpion should positioned aside their private and romantic predicaments when nameless hackers with unknown motives take manage of U.S. Army aircraft and warships and point weapons at American towns,” CBS teased. “simply as team Scorpion makes headway towards the hackers controlling U.S. Naval destroyers, they learn that a U.S. Nuclear submarine additionally has been hacked and has a missile approximately to launch.”

ScorpionWill go back to CBS on Oct. Three at nine p.m. ET!

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